Michael from Philadelphia

Daniela y Sebastian,

Sus espectáculos a bordo del Norwegian Sky eran fantásticos! Y fue muy agradable conocerte. Deseo que un gran éxito con su música. Por favor, manténgase en contacto.

I am on Facebook as Michael Pugh.

Sorry if my Spanish is incorrect… I had some help from Google.

Michael (Philadelphia)

Here’s my pics from December cruise. Your photos are great – please use them if you’d like.

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Rory and Kristen from Canada

Hola Sebastian and Daniela. Kristen and I are home in Vancouver snow, wishing we were still on your ship. Thank you both for many great concerts. As soon as we got home we looked up all of the songs you were singing and agree that you sing them better than the originals.

I hope Daniela’s new microphone is everything she hoped it would be and please keep in touch. I need to know when you’ll be touring in North America!!! Also let me know when you’ve sold your first 100 CDs!!

Rory Hunt

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